Duration: 2009–2010

CICRP: Katia Baslé (director), Philippe Bromblet

The purpose of this study is to compare the different existing methods of cleaning against that of cryogenics on various materials (leather, paper, plaster) for which cleaning is problematic. Polishing (smoke sponge and micro-aspiration, dual-coloured rubber), fine sanding (glass powder, glass microfibre), microsanding (alumina), laser and the peelables have been tested to eliminate various marks encountered on each support (ink, grease, mould, black crust etc.). The results of the cleaning tests have been visually evaluated with the naked eye, binocular loupe and scanning electron microscope (SEM).

The results highlight the advantages and limits of cryogenics on each material.


Internship report Marie-Amandine Bellet, Master of Research 2, Physical Methods Applied to Heritage Materials, University of Bordeaux.