• A permanent committee :


> To guarantee the spirit of the RIPAM and insure their sustainability
> To stimulate and mobilize networks in particular the national networks of skill
> To insure the distribution and communication about RIPAM towards the community and to every interested person or institution

> To oversee the organization of the colloquiums by insuring:

  • the management of the application for the organization of next RIPAM,
  • the designation of the authority selected for the organization of the colloquium,
  • the support of the local steering committee created for the colloquium
  • the support of the organization : agenda of RIPAM, registration’s cost, call for participation, documents, publication


The permanent committee is composed by two representatives (maximum) of each local steering committee which organize the five last RIPAM and the 2 next ones, with the support of the General Secretary. The permanent committee meets at least once a year
For each steering committee’s meeting, the chair session is alternately entrusted by one member of the permanent committee.
The permanent committee meets once a year

• A General Secretary

It insures the coordination and the diffusion with the permanent committee members.

It proposes the agenda, the date, and the place of the permanent committee meetings. It assists the meetings and drafts reports.

It insures the distribution of information by all possible means with the RIPAM’s community network. It sets up a file, a mailing list of the RIPAM’s community. It manages the web site and the visuals dedicated to the RIPAM.

It insures the link between the permanent committee and the local steering community.

The general secretary is chosen by the majority of the member presents for 4 years – two RIPAM’s sessions -. It is one moral person or institution, member of permanent committee.