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Assistance and advice

In term of its scientific and technical assistance activities, the CICRP analyses the situations and issues in question and recommends the necessary steps for clients to determine and establish a preventive conservation policy tailored to the life of the establishment and the works or to restoration projects.

It can thus assist clients in evaluating the multiple environmental issues – climate, light, biological contamination, pollution, etc. – and contribute to the implementation of strategic actions: preventive conservation plan, prevention plan and protection plan, reserve projects, ‘collection inventories’, etc.

Among all the areas of preventive conservation, the CICRP’s expertise is particularly notable in the field of biological deterioration, especially infestations.

It can thus identify the provenance and constituents of contaminations, define treatment protocols and participate in the monitoring of sites of disinfestation/decontamination (insects and moulds). It can recommend appropriate preventive measures.

Equipped with an entomology laboratory, the CICRP carries out studies and research on issues of insects dangerous to heritage as well as on methods of treatment and prevention.

It serves equally as a resource centre, drawing upon a network of expertise, and offers a range of reference documentation: entomological reference collections, a cultural heritage insects database, and in partnership with the INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research) of Montpellier, mapping and technology watch in the treatment of stone and prevention on the basis of the Vigie Patrimoine database.