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The CICRP operates in the fields of preventive conservation, curative conservation and restoration of cultural heritage in the public and private domains protected as historical monuments. The CICRP carries out its activities in accordance with the requirements of the French Heritage Code and the Ministry of Culture.

These activities may concern a variety of institutions, including Museums of France, historical monuments, archives, libraries, art centres, Regional Contemporary Art Funds (FRACs), or any other institution involved in the conservation of cultural property.

These areas of expertise include:

  • Art and contemporary materials
  • Graphic arts
  • Written heritage
  • Easel painting
  • Mural painting
  • Stone
  • Preventive conservation, especially problems of biological contamination (mould and infestation)

The CICRP brings scientific and technical assistance and expertise to owners and custodians of cultural property, collections and monuments. It offers advice, recommendations and methodological approaches. It carries out diagnostic assessments and preliminary studies. It provides support to project managers in conservation and restoration operations.

It accepts works under restoration and supports these operations by providing equipment and human resources that allow private restorers selected by the project managers to carry out their work under the best conditions possible: security, scientific support, etc.

Furthermore, the CICRP carries out studies and research relating to problems of conservation and the deterioration of heritage materials.