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Documentation centre

The documentation centre manages the receipt, organisation and preservation of scientific and technical information produced and acquired by the CICRP in the fields of conservation and restoration of cultural property. It makes this available to professionals, students and researchers, and facilitates its access and dissemination.

The documentation centre

The documentation centre maintains a specialised collection (books, periodicals, articles, CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc.) focusing on certain broad topics:

  • The history and legal frameworks of the heritage domains: museums, historic monuments, archives, etc.
  • The history of art in relation the CICRP‘s fields of study and activity
  • Conservation-restoration: ethics, techniques and applied sciences in these fields
  • Heritage materials and techniques
  • Preventive conservation

The documentation centre also keeps a record of studies and projects carried out, as well as scientific imaging archives.

Hours and access

The specific nature of the CICRP‘s activities means that external public access to its documentation centre is restricted and regulated.

The documentation centre’s consultation room is open to the public only by appointment.

Telephone: +33(0)491 082 339 (standard)