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In terms of its remit for restoration works, the CICRP accepts for restoration paintings in all formats, particularly very large formats, as well as graphic art pieces, belonging to public institutions and heritage sites.

The works are entrusted to private restorers selected by the project managers according to criteria specified in the Heritage Code.

The CICRP provides for restoration works a material, technical and scientific environment that allows the support and documentation of operations carried out in its workshops. It produces a scientific imaging file (front and reverse, raking/tangential, UV, infra-red, black-and-white and false-colour, details, macrophotography and radiography if necessary). It can provide, if required by operations in progress, physico-chemical analysis (photon and electronic microscopy, spectrometry, chromatography, elementary chemical analysis) thanks to its scientific equipment.

The CICRP coordinates all steps of the restoration process for works accepted in liaison with the project manager and the restorer. The latter may take advantage of the CICRP’s equipment and scientific documentation.