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The RIPAM community organizes every two years a colloquium in one of the Mediterranean countries, alternately on the southern shore and the northern shore and which application was retained.

For the oral communications, the local steering committee facilitates an easily understood ensuring their translation in one of the official and international language.

Publications and supports of distribution are published in one of the three languages: English, French or Arab with an abstract in one of the others two languages, at least

A local steering committee is created by the authority which organizes the RIPAM in the country which application was retained by the permanent committee.

It is in charge for the organization of the RIPAM session with the respect to the specifications (see. below): call of communication, material organization and logistics, distribution and communication about the RIPAM session, the availability of summaries to congress participants.

It establishes a scientific committee including the permanent committee. The scientific committee is in charge of peer review the communications proposals, selecting them and establishing the scientific program of RIPAM, colloquium. It is also in charge of selecting articles to be published.

It ensures the publication and the distribution of the acts of the colloquiums’ publication and establishes an activity report communicated for the permanent committee.

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