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50 shades of blue

'50 shades of blue'. Physical Reality and Psychological Perception in Medieval Mural Paintings Contributor: Floréal Daniel Institute of Archaeomaterials Research Research Centre for Applied Physics in Archaeology (CRP2A) In this Discussion,the context will be given that led to the multidisciplinary project (psychology, archaeometry) 'The Virgin's Blue Coat', which subscribes to

The history of the Mobilier National

Discussion 12 March 2015 at 1.30 p.m. Contributor: Jean Fouace, chief conservator of cultural heritage, head of the CICRP's scientific department The history of the Mobilier National and the Manufactures Nationales of the Gobelins, the Savonnerie and Beauvais are inextricably linked. Each of these structures has served to

The banner of Saint Blaise

Issues and challenges in the restoration and presentation of a double-sided artwork The Petit Palais museum has been working for many years in close collaboration with the CICRP and is offering the opportunity to the public to discover the scientific studies and restorations that the works