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Scientific Imagery

Scientific imagery has been an important component of CICRP since its inception, mainly participating in the documentation relating to the restoration of easel paintings housed in the CICRP workshops.

For the past ten years, the “scientific imagery” component has been extended to onsite campaigns, particularly in mural paintings with the transposition and adaptation of protocols from those existing for restorations in the workshop.

It was expanded with the development of digital technology. Within LABCOM (laboratoire commun, joint laboratory) MAP-CICRP (Modèles et simulations pour l’Architecture et le Patrimoine, Models and Simulations for Architecture and Heritage), established in 2016, imaging constitutes the central support for the development of new tools.

Thus photogrammetry, 3D digital, and the creation or the development of equipment facilitating this type of image capture, established in consultation with MAP, make scientific imagery and its contribution to conservation/restoration a new domain of reference that is fully involved in the research and technological innovation carried out by CICRP.

It is also a component of the technical and service platform gradually set up at CICRP.