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Canopé Program

A partnership has been set up with the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Territorial Direction (DT PACA) of Canopy Network (Réseau Canopé) for the development of artistic and cultural education and scientific culture of students.

The project is in line with the objectives shared by the two ministries–the ministry of Culture and the ministry of National Education–to promote cultural openings in education, allow students to develop their citizenship through the arts and culture, and anchor actions in favor of artistic and cultural development, and for scientific development of secondary school students.
The activities of CICRP make it possible to give a scientific dimension to the project by approaching the methods used in restoration, conservation, and research, by the visualization of the places and its heritage works, and by meeting art, science, and research professionals.
The topics discovered are:

  • • scientific imagery and the conditions for its realization;
  • microbiological infestations;
  • methods of analysis for the identification of pigments and binders;
  • issues applied to the restoration of contemporary art (alteration of plastic materials, foam, industrial paints, etc;
  • preservation and conservation missions – the study of alterations in mural painting;
  • stone (visiting the lithotheque), the manufacture of thin plates, the petrographic study, and the x-ray diffraction to determine the nature of the mineral.

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