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The CICRP was partner and co-organiser in the compilation project of a European illustrated glossary for terms employed in the description of mural paintings and architectural surfaces, a project carried out under the EU’s Culture Programme 2007–2013 (strand 1.2.1: cooperation measures). Many glossaries, standards and manuals provide definitions for these various terms.

This glossary, which was translated in 11 languages (German, English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Turkish), was compiled between October 2013 and September 2015. It was made available in hard copy at a very reasonable price as well free to download online. It contains between 150 and 200 terms, with an illustrated double-page spread for each term. Equally targeted at the wider specialist public, its aim is to allow the reader to quickly grasp and understand each term thanks to a concise definition, a few general explanatory notes, photographs and illustrative diagrams. It is based on existing glossaries, dictionaries, standards and manuals in the field and on the experience acquired by the partners. In terms of the French language, it takes into consideration the opinions of experts in the field of mural painting conservation, ranging from restorers and art historians to conservators and conservation scientists. The opinions gathered have also served to perfect the shared content between the project partners, written in English. The contributors of this glossary are cited, for those who wished it, in the publication as well as the dedicated website, the address of which is given below.

Website: http://www.ewaglos.eu/

Contact: jean-marc.vallet@cicrp.fr.

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