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Cold painting on reverse glass

Cold painting on reverse glass

Programme start: 2012

CICRP: Christine Benoit (director, pictorial materials), Emilie Hubert (imaging)

This programme concerns reverse glass painting or painting fixed under glass, with several perspectives: The study of technological aspects, on the one hand, since the techniques used have not always been well identified (for example, the possible ‘tack coats’ serving as interfaces between the glass and the painting). Tackling this question involves the study of different historical formulas and applications. On the other hand, the programme addresses specific issues of heritage collections particularly in relation to their restoration. In 2012, around 60 pieces from the Borély Museum were restored by the CICRP. Previous restorations (the evidence of which must be researched) carried out on a certain number of the collection’s pieces need to be identified as they pose a problem for the restoration efforts. The chronology and nature of these previous treatments on the collection, as well as the origin of certain pieces, must be clarified. A third angle consists of developing and finalising the scientific imaging for these works, so far little studied in heritage laboratories.

Assomption de la Vierge [Assumption of the Virgin Mary]

Assomption de la Vierge [Assumption of the Virgin Mary] medallion, 17th-century anonymous Italian work, Borély Museum. Front and reverse photographs before treatment. The deterioration of the silver foil is studied under stratigraphic section with a scanning electron microscope