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FiatLux: Fusion of Imaging and Time-Tracking for the Study of Geometrically Complex Paintings [Fusion d’Imagerie et suivi temporel pour l’étude de peintures à géométrie complexe]

Interdisciplinary project ‘Imag’In Challenge’. 2015–2017

The ‘FiatLux’ project aims to relate certain techniques in imaging analysis and processing, radiation physics, physico-chemistry of materials and 3D spatialisation of information, to digital documentation for the conservation heritage paintings. Its purpose is to merge images and information produced by various analytical field techniques and to enable the spatialisation of this information as well as the tracking of its development through time. This information concerns the morphology of painting panels on wood as much as mural paintings and data on these materials (nature, location in pictorial layers etc.). A multi-scale approach (from centimetre to micrometre) to the combined data will also be integrated in this fusion, which will be based on a common geometric framework. The works studied under this project are:

– Trinity Retable (Catalan school, attributed to the Master of Canapost, 15th century, dated 1489, Hyacinthe Rigaud museum, Perpignan)

– Venasque Retable, Saint Pierre, surrounded by Saint Maurice and Saint Marthe (School of Avignon, 15th century, Petit Palais museum, Avignon (permanent loan from Calvet museum))

– Chapel of Notre-Dame des Fontaines, La Brigue

Coordination: MAP-CICRP (L. de Luca, J.-M. Vallet)

Other partners: National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG, Paris), Laboratory of Electronics, Computer Science and Imaging (LE2I, Dijon), Laboratory of Molecular and Structural Archaeology (LAMS, Paris), Historic Monuments Research Laboratory (LRMH, Champs-sur-Marne)

Website: http://www.map.cnrs.fr/?p=4039