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In progress – Stone

Conservation of the Mount Bego engravings

Programme start: 2006 CICRP: Jean-Marc Vallet (director), Philippe Bromblet Partnership(s): Aix-Marseille University; Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse; Historic Monuments Regional Department of Archaeology and Conservation (CRMH) Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur; Mercantour National Park The purpose of the programme launched by the PACA Regional Archaeology Department is to establish the degradation kinetics

Deterioration and protection of rammed-earth monumental constructions in the imperial city of Meknes (Morocco)

Programme start: 2003 CICRP: Philippe Bromblet, Jean-Marc Vallet Partnerships: Meknes Faculty of Sciences (Morocco), CEREGE (Aix-Marseille University) A joint venture was launched between the Meknes Faculty of Sciences, the city of Meknès and the CICRP to study the deterioration of the ramparts and main rammed-earth monuments of the

Natural cement based plaster of Marseille: identification and restoration

Programme start: 2011 CICRP: Philippe Bromblet Partnership(s): French Heritage Partners Circle, Historic Monuments Research Laboratory (LRMH) (director), VICAT SA The object of this programme is to tackle questions of restoration for facades decorated with natural cement based plasters in the Marseille region by proposing a restoration plaster suited

Durability of conservation treatments of weathered granite cultural property (case of the megalithic site of Stantari in Corsica)

Programme start: 2010 CICRP: Philippe Bromblet, Jean-Marc Vallet (directors) Partnerships(s): Mediterranean House of Human Sciences (MMSH), Aix-Marseille University, National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research, Territorial Collectivity of Corsica (CTC) For several years the CICRP has worked to gain a deeper understanding of the deterioration mechanisms affecting these granite

Role of clays in the deterioration of stone: application in the conservation of the ‘Molasse du Midi’ in terms of durability and compatibility of materials used

Programme start: 2009 CICRP: Philippe Bromblet (director), Jérémie Berthonneau (doctoral student 2010–2012), Jean-Marc Vallet Partnership(s): Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM), Center for Interdisciplinary Nanoscience of Marseille (CINaM) (Aix-Marseille University), PACA Regional Council This project forms the topic of a thesis (Jérémie Berthonneau) cofinanced by the BRGM,