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Deterioration of Celluloid Objects in Collections (ALTOCECOL)

Deterioration of Celluloid Objects in Collections (ALTOCECOL)

Duration: 2010–2011

CICRP director: Alain Colombini

Partnership(s): Research Centre for the Conservation of Collections (CRCC); ARC-Nucléart; Laboratory of Molecular and Macromolecular Photochemistry of Clermont-Ferrand; Museums of France Research and Restoration Centre (C2RMF), in the context of a Regional Natural Park of Corsica (PNRC)

This project focuses on celluloid, a material widely used during the 20th century but which has become almost obsolete due to the risks associated with its usage, as well as its stability. The project has yielded proposals for conservation and treatment measures drawing on studies carried out on heritage works.